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Special Events Gatherings & Groups

Below is a list of current & upcoming events, but please check back often for updates, as I am continually adding new and exciting dates to the calendar.  If you have specific needs, concerns or questions, please click here to inquire »  And don’t forget to check out what previous participants of my Daring Way™ workshops are saying!

Living A Wholehearted life ( Daring Way™ 3 Day Intensives)

•    Wholehearted Living, The Daring Way™ Workshop:  New Dates To Be Announced Soon! 
•    The Rising Strong Process Workshop:  Dates TBA

Hustle for Worthiness Movie night   •    Click Here for more info »

The Gifts of Imperfection Movie Night

Hustle for Worthiness One Day Workshop


  1. Two very seasoned, warm, compassionate and fun certified therapists
  2. All meals  (lite breakfast,  snacks, and lunch on 2nd & 3rd days)
  3. All Materials
  4. Extended length of workshop
  5. Smaller group size to maximize connection, and more time for participants. Max 6-8 participants.

I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting, energizing and transformative work.
Payment Plans can be arranged if needed.


“She was brilliant, and made it such a safe and supportive place to do this work. This was a really life-changing experience, an experience that will stick with me forever. The bonding with the other ladies was also an unexpected huge bonus!”

“This retreat was life changing and provided the re-charge I needed for my life. I feel like I have a plan to move forward with thoughtful, and significant movements. My goals will be recognized! Eva was excellent. allowing each person to have multiple one-on-one moments; then bringing the message back to the lesson. She drove the agenda well. I wish ALL my friends and family were required to take this.”

“Eva is so skilled. It is apparent she is where she needs to be (career-wise), because of her passion
and innate ability to nail it!”

“Eva is Awesome, Simply Awesome! The Connections built, time spent sharing openly, with trust and respect for each other was very special and inspiring.”

“Fantastic!! Eva had great insight and you can feel her warmth and understanding. This was an amazing and transformative experience, I left feeling connected and not alone. I have tools to take on the world and go into the arena!”

“Eva has amazing empathy and compassion. I feel like she’s been my midwife during labor, helping me birth my “rebel” self! This was such a freeing experience in a very comfortable space to let go, feel free, and build relationships and authenticity!”

“Eva is the best!  This was a life changing and whole hearted experience for me that has fostered emotional growth I can already feel on a whole new level.”

“The flow and pace was very comfortable. Eva does a great job of providing the right amount of structure, feedback, warmth and heart—striking the perfect balance!! The weekend provided me the opportunity and ability to move these lessons from my head to my heart, and to make a giant leap in owning my story.”

DARING WAY™ 3 DAY INTENSIVE GROUP    •    Led by Eva Ghioni LMFT, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

Come, Dare Greatly! Learn how to Show Up, Be Seen and Live Brave™.  

Share your story and feel a deeper sense of Belonging and Connection to yourself and to others. Develop your Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance through embracing your Vulnerability and Imperfections. Live your life more Fully and Authentically. Experience the Joy of Knowing you are Enough.

During the process we will explore topics such as Vulnerability, Courage, Shame, and Worthiness. We will examine the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are holding us back , and identify new choices and practices that will move us toward our Joy and more Authentic, Wholehearted living. The primary focus will be on developing daily practices that transform the way we live, and love.

What’s included: Snacks on Fri., snacks & Lunch on Sat. & Sun., Beautiful Workbooks, Participant Binders with Worksheets, Life Changing Information, Opportunity for Connection, Laughter, Fun, Inspiration.

For more information on my work with The Daring Way™ click here. Or get in touch with me by connecting here.